About the Author

Since the 70s, Theo Villella has kept a hand in creative writing. While observing, commenting, and sometimes participating in the American drug culture, Theo has written hundreds of poems, short stories, essays, and journals. Often, he documented what he experienced, from pot to opioids and the Kratom he uses to manage chronic pain from injuries received in a severe car accident when he was 19. In this first book, "The War on Drugs", he tells his story.

In Part One of this book, Theo describes his journey from a 4th grader in a rural school in southwestern Pennsylvania to today. He is honest about struggles with depression that have disrupted his life, a theme that surfaces in some of the poems he includes throughout the book.

Access Media International, Inc.

Often recognized for his creativity as the founder of Access Media International, Inc., an innovative learning design and development organization specializing in creating custom learning solutions for major corporations, including the State of Michigan, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Yazaki, he now turns his hand to writing about something far more provocative and vital.