A Gift That Doesn't Fit: The Dumbing-Down Of Brilliance


my mind explodes with ideas

my brain can't keep up

I think it does not want to.

well, at least the bad half.



the bicameral brain wages war upon itself

a battle ensues


thank you mind

for staying undivided

when I dream, I am excitedly at peace

my visions inspire 

not just me but others

if I dare come out of hiding

and let them know

what I think

else who cares?


the brain attacks the ideas

It shouts stop

like the teacher who stifles a child's creativity

"we don't do things that way."

"we've always done it this way."

"no need to change"

"change is bad."

"just go stand in the corner 

or kneel on these hard kernels of corn 

until you learn to be quiet."


No, thank you.

change I must

It just happens


stealthily seeking to be invisible

don't wanna get caught scheming about change.


Change am I

life is change 

without change, we die 

doomed by repeating the past 

but worse 

by choice 

by bad leadership

and apathy.


How do you grow without change? 

without consciously changing?

what is learning without change?

am I here to memorize the past?

what about the future

can't memorize that

the admonished child screams silently, in tears.


Change on a paradigm?

there's an idea.

there is strong evidence

debating for decades of delay, decay, difficulty-by-design, deliberate obfuscation, and human tragedy.

change by force fails

failing to change = death

We must continually seek new ideas 

not stifle them


encourage the disruptive child 

develop their creativity


they are, by nature, fragile

provide them a space in which to dream 

to explore and then apply and experiment and implement and validate

they are a future 

not left to chance

they are a way to

stop being "borne ceaselessly into the past."

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